Sunday, 26 April 2015

Suede Gypsy

Lately I have been so in love with Band of Gypsies and all their gorgeous garms. Particularly this bell sleeve button up crop which, I must admit, is not entirely practical...

ROMANCE BUTTON CROP TOP: Band of Gypsies via Topshop

It did go a bit tits up when I attempted to do the washing up, whilst wearing it, t’other day (wet sleeve everywhere), but it just goes to show that you shouldn’t be washing dishes while looking this fabulous! I wanted to match the button detailing in the lower half of my outfit so thought that a cord popper skirt would do the job.

Usually when someone is like ‘I loved it so much I bought it in every colour’ I’m like ‘WHAT?! That’s so wasteful.’ Like, pick a colour and stick to it… how can you even afford to do that in the first place?! But in recent re-evaluation of this notion I was probably just jel because I adore this skirt so much I’ve already got it in three different colours! Originally I was gonna go for black (to match the boots and trim on the top) but when I acquired this jacket I decided to co-ordinate with tan. Both the jacket and skirt are in a suedette material but you really couldn’t tell the difference. If you’re a bit of a material snob then you can always opt for the real deal here.

Unfortunately this fringed beauty from New Look is now completely sold out. Don’t let that stop you from checking back because they’ll probably restock it at some point. I was lucky to get my hands on one in store but I’ve linked a similar alternative if you’re considering investing in one. It’s the perfect cover up in between seasons. In terms of high-end high street fashion, New Look isn’t really a competitor; but in my opinion it’s really underrated. I have some great quality items in my wardrobe which were a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay in other high street stores. There is also always a HUGEEE selection of very affordable shoes.  

What d'ya think to New Look as a retailer and this imminent 60s/70s trend? Lemme know your thoughts!


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