Sunday, 12 April 2015

Witchy Wardrobe [Part 1]

After lots of planning, plotting and procrastinating… today I have finally decided to start my blog. Recently I’ve been putting off said start of blog for one reason or another; ‘Today’s not the day,’ ‘The lighting isn’t great,’ ‘I don’t want to look like a narcissist’ etcetera...

VELVET HIGHWAY DRESS: MinkPink via Urban Outfitters
HAT: H&M sold out Similar: here
NECKLACE: Handmade by me

Luckily for you *wink* I have ultimately decided that my desire to share my style and niche fashion finds with you all has overcome any doubts or silly excuses I had in my mind. So, before I continue, I hope you enjoy the first of many outfit posts to come and, most importantly, I hope that I can help inspire you to be who you want to be by wearing what you want to wear! 

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and move on to the outfit. Recently I’ve been attracted to all things witchy *cackles*.  My friend pointed out to me that it would look awesome if I photoshopped a broomstick on to the last image. Shame I'm shit at Photo Shop then. Any volunteers?  I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous Highway Velvet Dress from MinkPink for quite some time now, so when it was reduced from £60 to £30 I had to have it! Obviously this was a result of me casting a ‘price lowering’ spell. It’s so well made and such a soft touch unlike some other cheaper velvets on the market. The psychedelic print in blue and pink was a strong selling point for me and the lace up back was a bonus! MinkPink is of course an Aussie brand which only increases my desire to travel to the country (bucket list continues to grow!).

I’m actually obsessed with bell sleeves atm. They’re so 70s inspired which, in my humble opinion, is one of the most iconic decades for fashion evar! I decided to top off the witchy vibes with this hat from H&M. Shoe wise: YES I’m wearing over the knee boots, YES every blogger and her dog has them and YES they are still 100% fabulous. I'm feeling particularly smug about these boots because they're now under £30 from the wonderful Heelberry which is an absolute bargain!

How do ya’ll feel about the witchy vibes? I'll be doing another witchy post soon so stay tuned!

 I hope you enjoyed my first post and, as always, any comments or feedback are welcome.


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  1. Yay congratz on your first post! and welcome to the blog sphere! Thanks for commenting on my blog doll, and for those lovely words too. Can't wait to see your next post! Keep inspiring and bewitching. lol


    1. Awh thank you! :) & no worries - just agreed with you so much. I will be witchin' till I die haha xx

  2. Your blog is lovely babe 😁😁 love seeing your different styles and your own added touches to make them unique! Looking forward to the next post 😘😘

    Love Kate xxx


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