Thursday, 21 May 2015

Boho Burgundy

I love a good maxi dress and this one ticks every box. The scarf print really stood out to me; it's very gypsy/bohemian which is always tantalizing for my trend tastebuds...


This maxi has also been garnished with two cross ties on either side which are pretty, as well as practical! The biggest selling point of all though was the length… FINALLY! a ‘maxi’ dress that actually falls to the floor. Maxis have always been a problematic area for me; they usually only just about reach the end of my calves. Quite devastating really cos I’ve missed out on a lot of beauties over the years (third world fashun problemz, I know).  

Anyway, I came across the brand Glamorous whilst shopping at Resurrection (one of my fave little vintage hideouts). After checking out their website I was suitably impressed upon finding that they had lots of crochet, fringed and tie dye treats on offer. They’ve just recently released a festival range which is very reasonably priced once you get your 30% discount with the code ‘TREND30’. Go on, have a gander.

When in doubt, maxis are a great go to. They’re sooo easy to just throw on and that’s the outfit complete. Having said that, I did bring this crochet cardigan along cos, well, you always have to bring some form of outerwear in England. Them’s the rules. I like to keep mine to a minimum which is why I chose a garment with thousands of holes in. Unsurprisingly it doesn’t do much in the way of keeping you warm but that’s okay because Summer is only around the corner and this cardy can join my crochet collection <3

How’s your Summer wardrobe shaping up? Will you be able to contend my title of crochet queen?


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  1. omg girl, your style is so amazing! that choker and the dress are perfect, reminds me of american horror story coven a bit :) really love your blog, followed you on bloglovin :)

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


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