Friday, 15 May 2015

Double Flare

Band of Gypsies has once again won me over with this lace trim blouse which has recently wormed it's wonderful way into my wardrobe. I seem to be obsessed with 60s/70s inspired style at the moment which is basically personified by this top...

LACE TRIM BLOUSE: Band of Gypsies via Topshop

The slightly sheer material of this top just about lets you get away with not wearing anything underneath (other than a bra obviously!), which creates a silhouette-y kinda effect. So, even though it’s loose fitting, I still think it reveals just the right amount. Also complete with lace trim and bell sleeves which are always winning for me! If you fancy, check out the matching flared trousers here - they’re definitely on my latest lust list!

In the meantime, I opted for a very casual look and dressed the blouse down with denim. Until recently, flares were pretty hard to get your hands on. Other than scouring local thrift shops for vintage gems, I used to obtain them from Aussie sites. Unfortunately for me, that meant countless custom charges. But now they’re everywhere! I expect they’re going to be big this Summer. If you’re looking to purchase your first flare then look no further! These jeans are a great transitional pair because they’re not TOO, well, for want of a better word, flare-y. I already have quite the collection of bell bottoms which I will no doubt be showcasing on here over the next few weeks.

To complete the look I opted once again for my Jadon docs. I know I’ve been wearing them loads and I do own plenty of other shoes but they’re just SO awesome and go with absolutely everything! Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but I LOVE them and when you invest in a pair of expensive shoes I feel that it’s necessary to wear them to the death. May as well get your money’s worth, right?! The way I see it, every item purchased has a price per use; the more you wear it, the more said price declines. I got these boots for Christmas and I’ve worn them pretty much most days since then. According to my calculations (super accurate, I promise!) that means they cost just over £1 per use. YAY! That’s much more affordable than the rather daunting original price of £145. It's also a great way of talking yourself into getting that special something you've wanted for ages. Go on, treat yourself. I dare ya. 

Quality over quantity - do you agree? Interested to hear your thoughts!



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  1. I do EXACTLY the same thing regarding 'price per use' - that is my sole way of justifying expensive purchases! love your blog and now following by bloglovin xx

  2. I also had the jadons but sold them because I wasn't wearing them enough - they made my legs look short and really muscly :(


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