Sunday, 31 May 2015

Rainbow Grunge

Okay so it’s obvious that I'm obsessed with rainbows but, seriously, what’s not to love?! A profusion of bright colours all coming together and a natural phenomenon. If there’s a chance of transferring that magic on to material then I’m taking it. Bright colours can also elevate mood levels so it’s impossible to be sad when you’re a rainbow princess...

LEATHER DENIM SKIRT: Topshop Similar: here
LOOM BAND CHOKER: Handmade by me

Anyway, how awesome is this halter top? It meets all my rainbow requirements and, best of all, it’s handmade by the lovely Rhea of ‘RheabFunky’. I really am a huge supporter of handmade brands - you know that a lot of care and attention to detail has gone into every piece which makes it that extra bit special. 

If you are interested in becoming a rainbow princes then go check out Rhea’s groovy garms over on Depop. She has some insane fabrics/designs and even does custom orders like this one. I was more than impressed when I ordered this top and she made it the same evening especially so it would arrive in time to complete my birthday outfit. Now that’s a service you definitely wouldn’t get from any of the high street retailers. I think RheabFunky will go very far so be sure to watch her space and best of luck to you girl!

Back on the subject of the outfit. I made this necklace out of loom bands one afternoon and thought it would complement the halter pefectly. To mute the rainbow tones ever so slightly I opted for black to complete the look. Having said that I do think that black really makes any colour pop so the rainbow is almost illuminated just like it is real life. Hehe. Okay I’m getting carried away thinking about rainbows now. I’m basically like the double rainbow guy. Obviously I had to wear my beloved docs so I’ve found a way to spice things up a bit by wearing them with over the knee socks which are, of course, complete with a rainbow rim. I absolutely adore them and they were under a fiver. God love eBay.

How do you guys feel about rainbows? Do they make you emotional like this guy


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  1. Love this outfit, you look gorgeous! <3

    I have a new post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. love this, your style is so cool & fun!

    danielle | avec danielle


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