Thursday, 25 June 2015

Summer Blues

Just in case you were worrying, I’m not feeling blue - I’m just wearing it. Blue is my absolute fave colour except from if rainbow were to be counted as one. Then that would be my favourite. Purple is also really nice but, as usual, I’m veering off topic... 

DENIM A-LINE SKIRT: Urban Outfitters 

Basically I like blue which is a good enough reason to base an outfit around the colour. With the British sunshine out in full force and a mild tan in toe (from the few hours that we did manage to spend on Barcelona beach) I felt that it was appropriate to put a bit of celebratory skin on show. 

What better way to do so with than with this cord popper skirt! I already have this sixties inspired style in three different colours and plan on wearing each of them to death this Summer. My denim version is the only one with pockets which are infinitely handy (for items that are under an inch in width I might add). The top is equally as retro in its own right and, in my opinion, looks perfect paired with the skirt. In compliance with the retro theme I dug up these beautifully blue platforms which I snapped up off Depop for under a tenner. Totally 90s Baby Spice vibes!

Speaking of retro, this is one of my all time favourite jackets. It’s simply iconic and symbolises Adidas’ signature style. I remember how long I wanted it for and how delighted I was when it was given as a gift to me last year. Apparently there was only one left in (Men’s) size XS - it was obviously meant to be! This particular style can be quite hard to track down but, as I always say, persistence pays off. Nothing haunts you like the clothes you don't buy! I’ve linked a supplier below which is currently out of stock but do keep checking back if you’re after one yourself. The material is gorgeous, so lightweight and perfect for Summer nights!

What’s the ultimate Adidas classic and do you love blue as much as I do?! Over the next couple of posts I'll be showcasing my Sonar getups so please stay tuned for that! 

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