Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sonar Special [Part 1]

It’s no secret that I am mesmerized by mermaids and will buy any and every accessory that’ll help me in achieving my vivid visualizations. Iridescent, shiny, scaly; you name it, I have it...


This outfit, which is no exception to the mermaid-esque theme of my life, was originally put together for Burning Man but, after spontaneously booking a trip to Barcelona, I couldn’t resist showing it off. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any photos on location or, for that matter, of the whole holiday. We took a grand total of 1 photo(s) which was a bit of a fail but we must have been too busy enjoying ourselves to care! Admittedly the Barcelonian backdrop would have set the perfect scene but luckily my local park looks pretty tropical too!

First things first, I wanna talk about this mer-mazing skirt (see what I did there?!). It’s part of a limited edition run of only 250 pieces. Each one was handmade in the UK and distributed by Obscure Couture; an independent fashion label. I absolutely adore the brand name and their clothes are even better. The whole collection has style as well as substance. Wait till you hear the tagline: ‘Make your other clothes jealous.’ Love it! Check out the skirt here which is also stocked on Dolls Kill. It's mostly made up of spandex which can be spectacular but also unforgiving. Originally, it hugged me all the way down to my ankles but, obviously, I wanted to bust some moves in Barca. I ended up making a slit which was much more slut drop/shuffle friendly. I’m only joking; I wouldn’t be caught dead shuffling, although, it would be pretty impressive if I could do it without a pulse.

Now on to the top, which has sparked many a debate over its authenticity as a bralet or a bikini?! I personally think it’s a bralet (it’s made up of leathery like material) but it’s still a vintage treasure either way. Better yet it only cost £3 from the wonderful IKUWI; a Liverpool based boutique. The title stands for ‘I Know U’ll Wear It’ which is another super cute title me thinks! If you’re ever in the Liverpool area it is most definitely worth a visit. If the affordability isn’t enough to entice you, the shopping experience should do. It really is like nothing you'd encounter on the high street as Naomi, the owner, runs around the place hand selecting groovy garms that reflect your personal style. Check out the website here. I’ve been buying all my vintage goodies from there recently so watch this space as I’ll be sure to showcase ‘em all (eventually).

Do you have any interesting independent retailer recommendations? I like to know when visiting other cities, so let me know if you do! I will post my second Sonar outfit in the next couple of days. 


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  1. OMG obsessed with this skirt ! Perfect colours ! You look stunning in it. I love your hippie look..


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