Sunday, 2 August 2015

Black Magic

Okay, so I must admit that this look kinda screams ‘streetwalker’; I’m actually in a graffiti ridden alley for god’s sake (great shooting location btw!). If that didn’t give it away, then the red dress might’ve hinted at it and the over the knee boots are really just the cherry on top of the cake...


But who actually cares if I resemble a streetwalker? I, for one, think that Julia Roberts has awesome style in Pretty Woman and I would totally keep her look before the makeover!!! Am I right?

Anyhoo, moving on… how insane are these boots? Platform, over the knee and lace up; my three favourite qualities in a shoe all rolled into one! I’d love to tell you that they’re the real deal; ya know, the ones Agyness Deyn designed especially for Dr. Martens a while back? Yeah, well, they’re not. They’ve been out of stock for aaages and they cost around £200 a pop BUT these replicas really ain’t so bad! I was rather impressed when they arrived (at a fraction of the cost) all the way from China. The wait was excruciating but worth it! They’re real leather an all so not a bad deal me thinks. Another case of god bless eBay right here. Also! I don’t know if you noticed? (yeah, you probably didn’t) but the classic Doc stitching is yellow, whereas on these it was white?! Not just on the replicas cos it’s the same on the real ones, too (I checked!). This confused and upset me a little so I sneakily coloured mine in with a yellow sharpie hehehe. You’d never know. Well you all know now, but, that’s beside the point.

Can you believe this dress only cost me a fiver? I’m still buzzin about it now. It’s from IKUWI; a Liverpool based boutique that I mentioned on one of my previous posts. I’ve been getting all my vintage goodies from there recently and at such bargain prices! I don’t usually wear red but I totally fell in love with this shirt dress. I’m not even sure if it’s a dress tbh cos it’s a size 14, so, oversized on me and potentially intended to be a shirt on someone else. The slits are pretty high to be fair but I obviously had to keep in fitting with the working girl theme!

How do you like this look and my new ‘Black Magic’ background? Would you like to see more of this artistic alley? Let me know J



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  1. obsessed with those boots!

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