Sunday, 9 August 2015

Fun in Flares

Flares are my faves and I have already acquired quite the collection. Last Winter, I began hunter-gathering and this Summer has seen mainstream fashion retailers, all over the UK, championing the style by reminiscing and redefining the flare...


It really saddens me when people say that they can’t pull them off cos I personally think that they are flattering on most body types! Someone must be buying them anyway because the high street is stacked with styles. Sold on the scarf print, I picked up these beauties from Topshop. I’m quite tall, so length is usually a persistent problem area for me e.g. maxi turns into midi and mini turns into… well, I’m thinking Jodie Marsh’s belt for a skirt (circa 2003).

Anyhoo, flares somehow always seem to be the perfect leg length on me (only adding to my love for them!). The bells in my wardrobe (well, my clothes collection in general) is made up of bold prints and bright colours. This translates into print/colour CLASHING which makes life very difficult when trying to put together a simple outfit! I decided it was time to get some basic staples. Low and behold; a plain white top! Okay, so it’s not that plain; the embroidery and tassels jazz it up a bit. I do adore this top, though. It’s so cutesy and I’ll be able to wear it with LOADS.

Another wardrobe staple that I’ve recently invested in are these Summer essential sliders. They are just like Birkenstocks except with a platform (not complaining). Topshop did a pair just like ‘em a while back but, for a fraction of the price, ebay has once again done me proud. How amazing are these sunglasses btw?! I got them in the Missguided sale which I was thoroughly impressed with. So many bargains to be had! I’ll definitely be shopping there a lot more.

Have you snapped up any of the Missguided sale items? Let me know what you got lovelies J


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