Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Monochrome Mermaid [1/3]

Okay, so I know every girl/blogger/fashion enthusiast and her dog believes they possess mer-like qualities or even believe in the actual existence of mermaids. But seriously though… less than 5% of the ocean has been explored so let’s just contemplate that for a moment (food for thought, I know!). In celebration of everything mermaid I’m doing a three part special on, well, how to be a mermaid!

I will be posting my mer-mazing outfits throughout the duration of this week… SO if, like me, mermaids are your mythical creature of choice then stay tuned for more! You can subscribe to my blog via email if necessary - just enter it into the box on the right hand side of this page.

Moving on to the outfit… for my first look, I created a monochrome mermaid by using shades of achromatic grey. In case you’re wondering; white and black mark the beginning and the end of the grey scale so they do technically count as shades. I got my back covered. Anyhow, this jumper is a dupe of Wildfox Couture’s Shell Bra Lost Sweater. I remember wanting it SO BADLY last year. Unfortunately I didn’t have over $200 to throw away on what is essentially holey knitwear. As you can imagine, I was more than delighted when I discovered this remarkable replica on eBay which, once again, saved the day. It’s obviously incomparable, in terms of quality, to the original… but, for £12 I really can’t complain! My only advice would be not to wear too much jewellery in conjunction with the sweater which has a tricky tendency to snag.  

Not one to shy away from shiny things I finally let my Mermaid Docs see the light of day. Okay so they’re not officially ‘Mermaid Martens’ even though they totally should be… I just don’t think ‘Pascal Boot’ has the same ring to it?! Anyway, they’re irresistibly iridescent and complement my charcoal leggings nicely. It’s so unfortunate when you have something so beautiful but so rarely get to show it off. I do struggle to find things to team them with since my wardrobe can only be described as rainbow vomit. Black clothes would definitely make them pop.

Have you got any styling ideas for the Mermaid Martens? Let me know J     


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  1. I totally used to wish I was a mermaid in primary school thanks to aquamarine and the tv shoe h20, if only ay! LOVE the jumper, can't believe the dupe was only £12!x

    Electra Violet ||

  2. ah!! i have this jumper in white from oasap! :) those docs are beautiful! x


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