Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Ombré Mermaid [2/3]

Hello beautiful blogosphere! The last time you heard from me I promised you a three part mermaid special and, even though it´s extremely late, I´m still determined to deliver. My hiatus from blogging is due neither to idleness nor inactivity...


 In the past four months, I have embarked upon a travel adventure. It's been pretty crazy to say the least. It all begain in the desert where Black Rock City (the largest pop up city in the world and fifth in all of Nevada) forms each year in aid of Burning Man. For anyone who doesn´t know what that is, please get on to Google immediately and prepapre to be amazed by the images alone. I won´t go into too much detail, because I plan on writing up about my travels eventually; but it´s safe to say that WiFi is a distant and (gladly) frogotten memory in the magical midst of the deep playa in the desert.

After Burning Man, we arrived in Northern California to do some farming work which was waaay up in the mountains. It was a simple life which consisted of our humble homes located in ´tent city´as we liked to call it. Again, there was no internet access. Having a break from technology and social media was a welcome addition to the simple farm life and I would recommend it to anyone... at least every once in a while, anyway. Unfortunately, though, I was unable to maintain blogging (which I have really missed, by the way!). So here I am - currently in Mexico - blogging in my spare time and leeching off the hostels internet resources. P.S. I definitely wasn´t wearing any blog worthy clothes on the farm anyways...

Soo, back to business in part two of my extremely prolonged three part mermaid special. This getup was put together for a fancy dress party (not that I need an excuse to dress up like a mermaid). The top was one of only a few made to order by the fabulous Alice of aordesigns. I fell in love with the scaly fabric which is very reminiscent of some of the classic Black Milk styles. The stretch in the material makes it super comfy to wear. Check out more of Alice´s designs on her Depop

I had to team the scales with my holographic mermaid mini - super 90s and super sassy. The hair was just an experimental thing. Coincidentally, I happened to have two hairspray colours which perfectly matched my mermaid attire. It only took two minutes, so I was pleasantly surprised with the results! I´d recommend the wash out spray to anyone but beware as it creates a weird texture to your hair. Nice to look at but not to touch :( You can find the spray I used here. Would love to have this look permanently but it´s hard enough to get a haircut out here; let alone maintain a three tier ombré gradient! Maybe one day...

Essay over, it´s good to be back to the blogosphere! It´s a new year, which traditionally means a new start, so I´ll be trying my best - under the circumstances - to update you regularly with more outfit (as well as travel) posts. Let me know if you would be interested in hearing more on travellers´tips! Mucho love :)

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  1. Great inspo! Could have done with this inspiration a while ago before my Greek Trip!

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  2. I love the colours !!! Your beautiful :)$

  3. Great post, you look amazing and i love your hair!

    - Ka5thleen.com

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