Saturday, 20 February 2016

Real Life Mermaid [3/3]

¡Hola muchachos! Instead of mimicking mermaids, like in my previous two posts, I decided to go all out and just fully dress up as one. In order to do so, I needed to acquire scales and a tail. Without undergoing plastic surgery, the next best thing was obviously these fabulous mermaid leggings...


snapped these up on eBay. They're extremely reminiscent of Black Milk's flagship mermaid leggings but only a fraction of the cost. At only £4, they hardly break the bank... absolute bargain! They come in different colours as well, so you can colour co-ordinate to your heart's content. Many dupes are of poor quality but these leggings don't seem to be lacking in that department. They're very durable, in my opinion, so I'd definitely recommend them to anyone. 

These images were taken a while back in the sunny, or not so sunny, seaside town Blackpool. Of course, I had to take advantage of the beach views on a rare visit to my place of birth. After some of the exotic beach locations I've recently visited, however, 'the Pool' doesn't seem so magnificent. One thing that is magnificent, however, is my amazing mermaid halter! Sheer glitter mesh that has been lovingly adorned with hand sewn rainbow seashells, by none other than the designer herself; Amy Laura Smith. Glitter, mesh, rainbows, seashells?!!? ... what more could a girl want? If you like this top, then be sure to check out her website for a tonne of other cool designs (merbabes only!). Amy is a super talented, independent designer lady who is also stocked on Dolls Kill and Tunnel Vision... you go gerl! Definitely watch her space for more to come. 

So this marks the end of my three part mermaid special. It's only taken me around 6 months in total to publish (whoops!), but hopefully it's been worth the wait...? I'm trying my best to fit blogging into travelling but it's proving slightly difficult. Here in Antigua, I've found the most stable WiFi connection that I've had for weeks. I'll be staying here whilst I receive Spanish lessons, so that means more blogging!!! :) 

For all the mermaid lovers out there, I'd like to know which of the three looks was your favourite?! Let me know in the comment section below. ¡Hasta luego! <3


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